Top 5 Cruise Travel Tips

There’s nothing more relaxing than sailing the high seas and being waited on hand and foot. Cruise travel is becoming less expensive and more affordable. Travel in style and be prepared for anything with our top five cruise vacation tips!

Keep Your Own Time

Most cabins aboard cruise ships do not have travel alarms available to passengers. If you plan to schedule early morning events or nap before dinner, be sure to pack an alarm clock, PDA or similar device to keep you on schedule.

Pack the Power

Cabins have only one extra electrical outlet, which can be inconvenient. Pack a power strip or surge protector to keep your electrical devices powered on.

Deal with Sea Legs

Even if you’ve never suffered a bout of motion sickness, it’s best to be prepared. Ship doctors stock some over the counter motion sickness remedies, but such medications aren’t available 24 hours a day.

Several studies have shown that ginger is an effective motion sickness prevention aid and treatment after the fact. Ginger can be purchased in capsule or liquid form. Drinking Ginger Ale or sucking on ginger candy may also help to soothe queasy stomachs.

If you’re especially prone to motion sickness, talk to your family doctor before setting sail about other alternatives.

Stay Safe

There will be enough life jackets on the ship, but you could invest 20 bucks beforehand and practice wearing a personal flotation device (PFD). Might seem ridiculous… until it saves your life.

(Cruises are SUPER safe but this is your life we’re talking about.)

Keep in Touch

Cruise ships are surprisingly large, which can make it difficult to keep in touch with family and friends onboard. Pack a dry erase board that you can attach to your cabin door to leave notes for fellow travelers and ship employees. Post-It Notes make a great backup!

Phone Home

If you plan to stay in contact with loved ones while traveling, you can avoid costly ship to land phone charges by purchasing a calling card. Cell phones may work on some ships, but not in all areas of travel. Prepaid phone cards are inexpensive and easy to replace if lost or stolen.